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Cost Types

  • Lump Sum Costs
    • General Prelim – Salaries, Facilities, Support Services
    • Weighing, Load-Out and Seafastening
  • Reimbursable at Man-Hour Unit Rates
    • Expended Man-Hours for Engineering, Procurement
  • Reimbursable at Cost
    • Business Travel Expenses
  • Reimbursable at Cost Plus
    • Third Party Services / 3rd Party Engineering Services
    • Tagged Materials / Equipment Packages
  • Reimbursable at Measurement Qty Unit Rates
    • Bulk Materials and Construction Labour

Project Cost Management







Project Planning & Control System

Work Descriptions

  1. SOW
  2. Requirements,
  3. Specifications
  4. WBS

CPM Analysis EPC


  1. Master
  2. Detailed Plans
  3. Look ahead plans

Base line S curves

  1. Man hour
  2. Budget

Execution begins

  1. Performance Tracking
  2. Work Progress
  3. Cost Committed & Expended
  1. Performance review
  2. Performance variances - time, cost
  3. Trends/ forecast
  1. Management Decisions
  2. GO/NOGO

Goals & Objectives

  1. Project
  2. Corporate

Intermediate Deck

Installation of Equipment, Multi-discipline Activities

  • Approximation of the resources needed to complete project activities.
  • Cost estimates for all resources that will be charged to the project.
  • Supporting detail must include:
    • Reference to WBS.
      How it was developed?
      Assumptions made.
      Range of possible results.

Cost Optimisation

  • Knowing Budget
  • Cost conscious to all employees
  • Historical Database
  • High volume work front

Expectations- Engineering

  • Derived schedule have to be followed
  • Support Procurement by raising timely MTO’s
  • Long lead items to be raised at earlier stage of project to ensure material availability
  • Communication gap to be bridged among multidiscipline
  • Deliverables should support Construction sequence
  • Prime focus on Yard practices to be given
  • Any changes in design should be immediately flagged up to construction during execution phase later comes the paper work

Expectations- Procurement

  • Continuous follow up to be made with Engineering for expediting MTO’s
  • Challenge Vendors in technical aspects for any delay claim
  • Vendor assistance and support at yard to be coordinated in better way
  • Alternate supply to be sourced at critical time/ reduce the lead time
  • Delivery improvement to be negotiated before PO placement
  • Frame agreement to be made in such a way that the terms matches with our process for bulk materials
  • Derived scheduled to be maintained at all possible means
  • Prioritizing the purchase based on construction sequence

Expectations- Construction

  • Standardization of Construction norms for detailed works – System in place to refine the norms
  • High speed automation machines – Reduce manpower and skill level requirements
  • Improving Erection methods
  • Respecting the process duration of E & P and their resource efficiency
  • Elite resources – Field of expertise knowledge to be applied in our process to improve competency
  • Improvement in Sub Contractor management
  • Potential sources to be developed to tackle the crisis scenarios with reasonable expenditure

Monitoring HSE Performances

Rigorous inspection regime

  • Daily HSE Inspection and Supervision
  • Daily Pre-work Inspection
  • Daily Area Manager Inspection
  • Daily Joint-Trades Inspection
  • Weekly Management Walk
  • Weekly PPE Inspection
  • Monthly Focus Inspection

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Change in approach, from enforcement to advisory
  • Good collaboration between HSE and Construction has led to a matured HSE culture within the team
  • Implementation of HSE Culture Programs such as Cardinal Rules, PSI and Target Zero Observer has generated more interest within the ground staff

Planning Roles –Procurement


  • Develop and Maintain Schedule
  • Develop Procurement Status Report / Expediting Status Report
  • Progress Update

Planning Roles – Mechanical Completion and Commissioning

Mechanical Completion & Commissioning

  • Develop Sub-system Schedule based on Commissioning priorities
  • Progress Monitoring based on Sub-system activities
  • Highlight area of concern and slippages


From PMT

  • Project team to have a better control on resource expenditures
  • To provide plan/forecast for timely support


  • To provide one stop solution to PMT so they can concentrate on construction activities
  • Minimize external equipment usage
  • Capture unbudgeted item and highlight to proposal team