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Engineering Services

Construction of Pharmaceutical plant,Chemical & Petrol Chemical plant ,Industrial plant & Non Industrial plant, Building & Architecture for Commercial and residential projects. Working with Class A local Design Institute and Project Main-Contractor. Perform Project Management and Technical Consultation Service.

Engineering Procurement

Sourcing and procurement, Sourcing material globally. Material Import & Export services, local equipment procurement services, FAT, inspection and procurement consultancy.


  1. Experienced in the construction of Industrial plant,chemical and petrol-chemical plants.
  2. Experienced in the construction of intelligent building, residential buildings,hazardous industrial buildings and special architectural building. We are highly committed to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and experienced in managing all types of construction projects.

Project Management

A team of highly proficient management skills in project planning, license & permit application, contract management, construction control and quality management, cost control, risk management and project accounting to meet project completion within timeframe, budgetary and quality requirements.

We have an excellent design, procurement, material control, construction and project completion inspection team, auditing and financial control system, to manage and track on project progress status.

 Our construction management system
consists of the following steps:

  • Effective planning and resource allocation
  • Practical approach to management of project planning and status report
  • Tracking of tasks and processes
  • Organizational of change management
  • High contact / contact management
  • Problem Management
  • Risk identification, tracking and mitigation
  • On-site change management
  • Asset tracking
  • On-site Resources Management
  • Implementation of quality processes
  • Detailed status update statements

Site Facilities Engineering

Project expansion, upgrading & retrofit works., Offering the powerful package of engineering and maintenance solution to the market.